Exhibition November 1, 2017 − February 4, 2018
To mark the 20th anniversary of its opening after extensive restoration, the Borghese gallery in Rome presented a retrospective of the approximately 60 works by major sculptor and architect of the Baroque Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini. "I don't think ever will be [organized] such a complete exhibition of Bernini," said Anna Coliva, the Director of the institution.

The Borghese gallery is the best place where you can appreciate the talent and genius of this artist of the XVII century. Bernini, whose career has spanned about 60 years, as nobody else has identified in his time the face of Rome. The interiors of the former Villa of the first patron of the sculptor, cardinal Scipione Borghese, became the luxurious background of his works. Valuable exhibits were also provided by the world's leading galleries – the Louvre, the Art Museum of the County of Los Angeles and the Metropolitan Museum of art in new York. In addition, for the first time under one roof – collected more than a dozen paintings Lorenzo Bernini.

The exhibition gives the opportunity to compare works which are usually found thousands of miles away from each other. For example, two versions of "Christ Crucified" provided by agencies in Madrid and Toronto.

The artist worked on throughout Rome, and it is clear that the curators couldn't take to the gallery such monumental works as the sculptures of St. Peter's Basilica and the fountain of the Four rivers in Piazza Navona. And they made better – has put together a series of models and sketches of these works that show the process of their creation.