Incompatibility. Time is out of order

Exhibition June 18 − October 16, 2020
The National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome invites you to visit the exhibition again"Incompatibility. Time is out of order ".

Visitors will see the work of many contemporary artists such as Afro, Robert Adams, Franco Angeli, Stefano Arienti, Luciano Bartolini, Alberto Burri, Enrico Castellani, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Ettore Colla, Pietro Consagra, Daniel De Lorenzo, Giacomo Ginotti, Luiza Laambri , Bise Lazzari Melotti, Paolo Meoni, Mirko, Gastone Novelli, Pino Pascali, Achille Perilli, Corrado Sassi, Toti Skialoha.

The exposition symbolizes the endless possibilities of storytelling and dialogue of the collection's works of art, the creation of new worlds and new combinations, tracking the unrestrained flow of time and the breath of the "adrenaline loop" around the neck of every inhabitant of the planet.

Based on site materialsNational Gallery of Modern Art, Rome.