The pride of Dutch collections. Piero di Cosimo

Exhibition September 9 − December 15, 2020
The Rijksmuseum, the Rembrandt Association and the Turing Foundation present an exhibition project“The pride of Dutch collections. Piero di Cosimo ".

Visitors will be able to see exhibits - masterpieces of painting, which are the pride of 45 Dutch museums.

The Rijksmuseum presents portraits by Piero di Cosimo, a Renaissance master. The images of the Florentines Giuliano da Sangallo and his father Francesco Giamberti da Sangallo were among the first portraits of people representing their profession. Up to this point, painters preferred to paint saints or representatives of the nobility. Piero di Cosimo was the first to depict people taking pride in their craft.

Based on site materialsRijksmuseum.

Galleries at the exhibition