Through the eyes of Vincent Van Gogh. Paintings that aroused admiration

Exhibition June 1 − December 30, 2020
Mesdag Museum, The Hague presents an exhibition“Through the eyes of Vincent Van Gogh. Pictures that aroused admiration ".

Visitors will be able to see paintings from the collection of the museum, belonging to the brush of artists of the 19th century and which impressed Vincent Van Gogh.

In 1882, Vincent Van Gogh attended an exhibition that featured a large number of French paintings from the collection of Hendrik Willem Mesdach. Van Gogh's letters show that he was impressed by what he saw at the exhibition and considered French predecessors such as Charles-François Daubigny and Theodore Rousseau important role models. The exhibition brought together the paintings that made such an impression on Van Gogh at the time.

Based on site materials Mesdag Museum, The Hague.