Cognition. Craft in art

Exhibition November 22, 2019 − February 28, 2022
Whitney Museum of American Art presents a large exhibition“Cognition. Craft in art ".

Visitors will be able to see examples of painting, graphics and sculpture, as well as works of arts and crafts. Based primarily on the Whitney collection, the exhibition will feature over eighty works by over sixty artists, including Ruth Asawa, Eva Hesse, Mike Kelly, Lisa Lou, Rea Morton, Howarden Pindell, Robert Rauschenberg, Elaine Rychek and Lenore Toney, as well as also new acquisitions made by Shan Goshorn, Khalil Robert Irving, Simone Lee, Jordan Nassar and Erin Jane Nelson.

This exhibition offers new perspectives on themes that have been central to artists, including abstraction, popular culture, feminist and queer aesthetics, as well as recent research on identity and relationships with places. Combined in museum halls, works of "high" art and craft creation demonstrate that craft methods of creation carry a special knowledge that is critical for a fuller understanding of the history and potential of art.

Based on site materialsAmerican Whitney Museum of Art.