Defrosted refrigerator. Andy Warhol

Exhibition September 25, 2020 − January 31, 2021
Museum of Contemporary Art of the Ludwig Foundation, Vienna, in conjunction with the World Museum, Vienna hosts an exhibition“Defrosted refrigerator. Andy Warhol ".

The exposition will present 7 works and 12 sculptures that are not popularized and little known to the general public.

Andy Warhol first curated "RAID THE ICEBOX 1" in 1970. His presentation strategy was at odds with traditional museum standards: rather than prioritizing visual art, Warhol exhibited applied art. Instead of using a classification system based on chronology, environment, or style, he presented objects in a non-historical and non-hierarchical form.

Based on site materialsMuseum of Contemporary Art Ludwig Foundation (MUMOK).

Galleries at the exhibition