Nikonovs. Three artists

Exhibition September 23 − November 8, 2020
The State Tretyakov Gallery in the halls of the New Tretyakov Gallery is holding an exhibition“Nikonovs. Three artists ".

Visitors will see more than 130 paintings and more than 30 graphic works by three artists of different generations.

The central figure of the project is Pavel Fedorovich Nikonov (born 1930), one of the main artists of the Thaw, from the galaxy of those masters whose names in the 1960s were associated with the renewal of the pictorial language, which laid the foundation for the "harsh style". Mikhail Fedorovich Nikonov (1928–2010) is the elder brother of Pavel Nikonov and his creative antipode. Mikhail Nikonov, one of the leaders of the Group of Nine, or Nine, tried to revise traditional artistic foundations in his work. Sharp, grotesque imagery distinguishes the works of Mikhail Nikonov. To match this imagery and his manner of painting - open and expressive, built on the contrasts of color. The third exhibitor, Victoria Nikonova (1968-2008), daughter of Pavel Nikonov, belonged to the next generation of masters. Turning to simple and familiar objects (series depicting windows, fragments of the interior), the artist revealed in them the depth of emotional experience of the world available to art. In these works, Nikonova appears as a subtle colorist and sensitive observer.

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