Time scale. 1889 - 1991. Continuity and Discontinuities

Exhibition August 19 − December 31, 2020
The Metelkov Museum and Gallery of Contemporary Art presents a large exhibition project“Timeline. 1889 - 1991. Continuity and Discontinuities ".

The exposition consisted of paintings, graphics, sculptures, installations from the collection of two museums, created during the period under review. Among the authors presented are Marina Abramovich, Miroslav Balka, Walter Benjamin, Geta Bratescu, Barbara Čeferin, Vuk Csic, Vlasta Delimar, Vadim Fishkin, György Galantai, Olya Grubich, Jenny Holzer and dozens of other artists and sculptors.

The organizers of the exhibition tried to unite and visualize "the whole history in one place", to highlight events in the visual arts and the life of society at the transition of the 19th-20th centuries, during the period of terrible wars and social transformations at the end of the 20th century.

Prepared by materialsMuseum and Gallery of Contemporary Art Metelkov (Moderna galerija MG + MSUM).