Fernando Botero. 60 years of painting

Exhibition September 17, 2020 − February 2, 2021
Cultural Center CentroCentro in Madrid hosts an exhibitionFernando Botero. 60 years of painting ".

The paintings on display span over six decades of the colorful and extensive career of the Colombian artist Fernando Botero (Medellin, 1932). Visitors will be able to see 67 large-format paintings by the artist from private collections.

The exhibition, the largest to date in Spain, was a unique event as the choice was approved by the master himself. The artist invites viewers to contemplate the work through his eyes, as if it were Botero's “imaginary” museum. The exposition consists of seven sections, corresponding to the most characteristic themes of his work, which are associated with the author's hobbies and the constant study of classical themes of art history.

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