Halvdan Hafsten: the history of the collection

Exhibition March 30 − December 31, 2020
Stavanger Art Museum hosts an exhibition"Halvdan Hafsten: History of the Collection".

Visitors will be able to see paintings by eight artists, including works by Reidar Auli, Harald Dahl, Arne Eckeland, Erling Anger, Kai Fjell, Ragnar Kraugerud, Thorbjørn Lee-Jorgensen and Alexander Schulz.

Halvdan Hafsten (1905–1993) spent 50 years building a collection of works by artists from his era. The exposition focuses on the personal relationship between collectors and painters. Hafsten was a visionary and wanted his gathering activity to be enjoyable for future generations. He usually discussed the choice of paintings in detail with the artists, and this close communication undoubtedly contributed to the high quality of the collection. He was also careful not to let the collection grow in different directions, but limited himself to eight selected artists. He was attracted by the aesthetics of form and color. He preferred paintings that went beyond the purely naturalistic depiction of the subject.

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