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Surrealism. Meeting of opposites

Exhibition September 8 − December 31, 2020
The Swedish Museum of Contemporary Art hosts an exhibition"Surrealism. Meeting of opposites ".

Visitors will see works by Man Ray, Louise Buregois, Hans Bellmer, Max Ernst, Toyen, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Marcel Duchamp, Giorgio de Chirico, Joan Miró and Ragnar von Holten.

The surrealist movement began to emerge towards the end of World War I, in response to the ideas of Dada, whose members argued that artists were complicit in a horrific nationalism that led to the massacre during the war. Unlike the Dadaists, the Surrealists were not interested in reflecting society, but primarily wanted to be free. In 1924, the poet and writer André Breton published the first surrealist manifesto, in which he proclaimed that reason must be freed from aesthetic and moral considerations. Topics such as personality, body and eroticism were deeply interesting to the surrealists. The Surrealist movement regained popularity in the 1960s in a more traditional form, before being disbanded in 1969.

Based on site materialsSwedish Museum of Modern Art.