Raphael. Heritage and inspiration

Exhibition August 14 − December 11, 2020
Dresden Picture Gallery of Old Masters holds an exhibition"Raphael. Heritage and inspiration ".

The exposition acquaints visitors with the best examples of the works of the students and followers of the "divine" Raphael, masters of religious and mythological painting of the Ferrara school of the first half of the 16th century.

One of the gems of the exhibition is the painting "Triumph of Bacchus" by Benvenuto Tisi, nicknamed Garofalo, a key work that has preserved a reflection of the entire era of the Renaissance titan. In fact, Raphael himself had to carry out this image on behalf of Alfonso d'Este, Duke of Ferrara, for his palace. Due to various circumstances and the early death of the artist, this did not happen. Only 20 years later, Garofalo wrote a work on the sketch drawing of Raphael. However, he not only brought his ideas to life, but changed the composition and adapted the template sentences for his visual language. The result is a masterpiece in itself, in which Raphael's great legacy becomes evident as a source of inspiration for the great artists of the centuries to come.

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