Maxim Kayotkin: "The nature of the area. Engineering realism"

Exhibition November 11 − December 11, 2020
On November 11, a personal exhibition of Maxim Kayotkin “The Nature of the Terrain. Engineering Realism ".

The work of Maxim Vladislavovich is well known not only in Perm, but also beyond its borders. He is a participant in many significant regional and international exhibition projects. Images of his work can be found not only in catalogs and other specialized publications, they are endlessly replicated by users of social networks. This is evidence of the author's "direct hit" in our common human sense of the surrounding reality.

In its harsh industrial landscapes, the main characters are the creations of a human engineering genius that have fallen asleep forever: train cars that will no longer be filled with a crowd of noisy passengers, quarries that will no longer rumble mighty trucks, cranes in the port, resting on the sky with frozen arrows forever. They seem to be telling us: “You were. Are you there now? "

Almost all of the canvases presented in the exhibition are of impressive size, and therefore make a particularly strong impression, as if they include all the senses at once: the viewer almost realistically feels the roughness of rust on iron surfaces and the smell of sleepers heated by the July sun.
The exhibition features 40 works by Kayotkin - and for each visitor, these are 40 opportunities to see something desperately close, but surprisingly new in the subjects that accompany our everyday life.

Exhibition curator - Vadim Zubkov
Opening hours: on weekdays from 12.00 to 20.00, on Saturday from 12 to 17.00,
Sunday is a day off.
For inquiries by phone: +79918100320.
Address: Perm, st. Permskaya, 17 (intersection with Ostrovsky street).
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