Monet and Chicago

Exhibition September 5, 2020 − January 18, 2021
Art Institute of Chicago hosts an exhibitionMonet and Chicago.

Visitors will be able to see more than 65 works of the magnificent French impressionist from the collection of the museum and private collections, both famous masterpieces and still lifes, landscapes and genre scenes rarely found in exhibitions.

Since the 1880s, Chicago has welcomed the "Father of Impressionism" with open arms. When Monet's paintings first appeared alongside those of his contemporaries in a Chicago gallery in 1888, he was praised by the press. And when his work was shown again in the city as part of the last Interstate Industrial Exhibition in Chicago (also known as the "American Salon") in 1890, they not only caught the attention of local collectors, but also rekindled a collective passion for the Frenchman's canvases. It's not hard to see what inspired these first Chicago collectors to be so dedicated and passionate: the same magical craftsmanship that drew millions of visitors to the Monet Art Institute retrospective in 1995 and is drawing crowds to the galleries today.

Based on site materialsArt Institute of Chicago.