Cezanne: in time and out of time

Exhibition November 11, 2020 − February 28, 2021
Boston Museum of Fine Arts hosts an exhibition"Cezanne: in time and out of time".

Cézanne's portraits, landscapes and still lifes will demonstrate the artist's general commitment to observing the material world. Visitors will see the artist's paintings that convey the amazing pulsation of presence and absence, space and surface, time and timelessness.

The French artist Paul Cezanne (1839–1906) discovered complexity in the world around him and became interested in it in his art. His landscapes seem impossible, his still lifes lean forward at dizzying angles, and the sitters in his portraits are distracting. Although he was the same age as the Impressionists, sometimes participated in their exhibitions and worked with them, the vision and art of Cézanne differ from theirs in both subtle and startling.

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