Tied, torn, scattered: sculpture after abstract expressionism

Exhibition October 3, 2020 − September 19, 2021
The Solomon Guggenheim Museum invites you to visit the exhibition"Tied, torn, scattered: sculpture after abstract expressionism".

The exhibition features sculptural work from the 1960s and 1970s Guggenheim collection by six artists who helped redefine the legacy of postwar art in the United States. The works in this exhibition, created by Linda Benglis, Maren Hassinger, Robert Morris, Senga Nengudi, Richard Serra, and Tony Smith, respond to and criticize the innovation of Abstract Expressionist artists, highlighting the creation process and materials.

In the mid-20th century, abstract expressionist artists such as Jackson Pollock developed proprietary approaches to labeling, which many critics understood as recording existential struggles and individual subjectivity. Robert Morris used industrial materials that carry indices of physical action, and Tony Smith sought to embody spiritual ambition through organic and essential geometry in his human forms. Linda Benglis 'knots' are painted surfaces that she twists and inserts into sculptural objects, trying to "pull away from the wall with the canvas."

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