Valentin Serov. From the collection of the Russian Museum

Exhibition December 3, 2020 − March 9, 2021
Yaroslavl Art Museum invites you to the exhibition “Valentin Serov. From the collection of the Russian Museum ".

For the first time in Yaroslavl, more than 50 works of the outstanding Russian painter Valentin Serov are presented. The exhibition from the collection of the State Russian Museum reflects the creative searches of the master for 30 years.

A separate section of the exposition is occupied by video art. It is dedicated to the fate of a dog named Gyugus, owned by Prince Felix Yusupov. Valentin Serov created his portrait in 1903, and considered the small dog his best model. Taking as a basis the drawing for the work, which is kept in the collection of the Yaroslavl Art Museum, as well as the personal diaries of Yusupov, the contemporary artist Alexander Krasulin presents a multi-meter projection.

With all the variety of topics in which Valentin Serov's talent was clearly manifested, the portrait genre brought him fame and reputation as an author of sharp characteristics and a sharp-sighted analyst. The graphic portraits of Savva Mamontov, Valentina Serova (the artist's mother), Lev Bakst, Ilya Repin, Anna Benois (wife of Alexander Benois), presented at the exhibition, fully demonstrate Serov's ability to convey the essence of personality with several movements of the brush, pen, pencil. A child's portrait occupies a special place in life. He wrote them with inspiration, with special warmth. For the artist, this was a kind of touch to the "gratifying" world. The artist turned to the image of nature exclusively at the call of his heart. Where he felt good. The aesthetics of Art Nouveau are reflected in the exhibition in theatrical works and works inspired by antiquity. The virtuoso skill of Serov as a draftsman and the outstanding talent of the animal painter were fully revealed in the cycle of works dedicated to the fables of I.A. Krylov.

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