Ernst Unknown. Thaw

Exhibition December 26, 2020 − February 20, 2021
Ernst Neizvestny Art Museum invites you to the exhibition Ernst Unknown. Thaw".

The exposition acquaints visitors with the Soviet period of the master's work (1956-1976) and reveals the anthropological aspects of the art of the thaw era. Through stories about friendship, communication and joint projects of artists, in particular Ernst Neizvestny, Boris Zhutovsky and Vitaly Volovich, guests will learn how unofficial art in the USSR began to determine the trends of cultural transformations.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the sculptor's birthday. In addition to the master's works, the halls of the museum display reconstructions of the sculptor's workshops in Moscow on Sretenka and near Prospekt Mira, as well as a chronicle of the artist's life telling about the events from 1956 to 1976 (up to emigration). Visiting the exhibition, guests will learn what projects Ernst Neizvestny was working on at that time, look at replicas of sculptures and see photographs of the exhibition in the Manege, which on December 1, 1962, was criticized by the First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Nikita Khrushchev.

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