Treasures of Russian art

Exhibition November 20, 2020 − June 30, 2021
Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts. I.I. Mashkova presents a large exhibition project "Treasures of Russian Art", which is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the museum.

Visitors will see more than 80 works of painting, sculpture, decorative and applied art created by Russian masters of the 18th - early 20th centuries. They are united by the highest artistic merit; these are truly the treasures of Russian art.

Among them there are works that practically did not leave the museum halls throughout the history of the VMI, well-known and beloved by the viewer (V. Tropinin "Portrait of a Woman", A. Savrasov "Rasputitsa", K. Makovsky "Portrait of an Unknown Woman in a Black Dress", I. Shishkin "Autumn forest"). After a long break, a collection of rare portraits of the 18th century, works of genius Russian landscape painters F. Alekseev and M. Lebedev, striking the luxury of unique techniques, paintings by the creators of the Silver Age: V. Serov and F. Malyavin, B. Kustodiev and M. Larionov return to the exhibition , K. Korovin and A. Savinov. The viewer will see the sculpture "The Sower" by Ivan Shadr, which has become a symbol of an entire era.

The viewer is given the opportunity to meet with the works of K.P.Bryullov, K.A. Korovin, I.K.Aivazovsky, K.E. Makovsky, from which the formation of the museum's collection began in 1960. The decoration of the collection was the generous gift of N.A. Arning-Zaitseva, the widow of the famous Moscow collector K.F. Arning, who donated 38 works to the museum in 1980. Among them are genuine masterpieces, works by V.A.Serov, I.I.Shishkin, M.F. Larionov, which the viewer can also see at the exhibition. The museum's funds were replenished through acquisitions from the heirs of artists and from private collectors (A.K.Savrasov, "Rasputitsa", F.Malyavin "Portrait of a Girl").
The exhibition provides an opportunity to follow the paths of the development of Russian art in all the richness of its genre diversity - from the 18th to the 20s of the 20th century.

Based on site materials WWII them. I.I. Mashkova.