A Christmas gift. Western European art

Exhibition December 25, 2020 − January 31, 2021
An exhibition opened in the halls of the Primorsky State Art Gallery "A Christmas gift. Western European art ".

The exposition presents more than forty works of painting and graphics. The central place is occupied by the theme of the Nativity of Christ, reflected in the paintings of the Italian Renaissance artists: originals and ancient copies of Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael Santi, Gaudenzio Ferrari, Carlo Dolci, etc.

The artists of old Europe were interested not only in biblical, evangelical and mythological subjects. We owe their attention to their contemporaries, to the genre of portraiture, with the pleasure of contemplating the faces of men and women who once really lived, captured by artists in techniques characteristic of a particular stylistic trend. The gallery of portraits is supplemented by scenes from the private life of Europeans, various landscapes, still lifes, and animal painting. Works of Western European art of the 15th - early 20th centuries are the object of the gallery's rightful pride.

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