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Albrecht Durer: the Era of the reformation and Renaissance

Exhibition November 17, 2017 − February 11, 2018
Art Museum in Cincinnati organized the exhibition "Albrecht dürer: Renaissance and Revival".

Albrecht dürer — German painter and graphic artist, one of the greatest masters of the European Renaissance. One of the largest European masters of the woodcut.

The exhibition is held to the quincentenary of the publication of Martin Luther's 95 theses at Wittenberg Church. The exhibition explores the influence of the Italian Renaissance and the reformation on art through engravings and prints of Albrecht dürer and his contemporaries. The exhibits allow viewers to follow the development of dürer from novice to recognition of his skill, to feel a huge theological, political, and cultural changes across Europe.

Political and social influence of dürer on the lives of his contemporaries can be seen in the prints, which is on exhibition, among which the popular works "the Four horsemen" from the series of prints of the "Apocalypse" and "Knight, death and the devil."

The exhibition includes about 140 works of Albrecht dürer and his contemporaries of the permanent collection of the Cincinnati Art Museum and from the collections of other museums and private collectors.
The highlight of the exhibition "Albrecht dürer: Renaissance and Revival" is a full series of religious engravings by dürer.

On the official website The Cincinnati art Museum.