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What's going on in the world? It's just winter

Exhibition December 2, 2020 − January 31, 2021
Gallery of contemporary art Artstory presents a large exhibition project “What's going on in the world? It's just winter ".

The exposition consisted of works by over 30 artists. Among the participants: Semyon Agroskin, Maria Arendt, Natalia Arendt, Konstantin Batynkov, Alexey Begak, Evgenia Buravleva, Rinat Voligamsi, Ilya Gaponov, Alexander Dashevsky, Alexander Kabin, Andrey Karpov, Maxim Ksuta, Boris Matrosov, Vladimir Migachev, Damir Muratov, Arkady , Egor Plotnikov, Ekaterina Rozhkova, Fedor Savintsev, Alexander Savko, Yulia Sopina, Ekaterina Sysoeva, Katya-Anna Taguti, Leonid Tishkov, Elena Utenkova-Tikhonova, Elena Fokina, Natalia Shalina, Alexander Shevchenko.

Large-scale group exhibition project “What is happening in the world? And just winter ”is dedicated to the coming winter, the most favorite holiday in Russia - New Year; snowy winter landscape and a special mood that, in spite of everything, is always born when one year changes to another. The name of the exhibition is a line from the famous poem by Yuri Levitansky "Dialogue at the New Year Tree". The beginning of the year for the lyric hero of the poet is the period where the starting and ending points intersect, when the circle closes, time is reborn. The archetype of seasonality is a good metaphor for the whole cycle of transitions from one state to another.

What and how do artists now consider important to portray in winter subjects? Is the “climatic” component, the landscape, so important now, or are urban motifs, the attributes of winter in unexpected connotations coming to the fore? Or winter is no longer so universal and archetypal, and it has become warmer both in the climatic and in the psychological sense; and now some personal associations come to the fore? New images appear, accents change. Traditional winter motives and plots can continue life in the works of contemporary artists, but they become more and more individual, and sometimes even paradoxically change their usual meaning to the opposite.

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