German art of the 16th-19th centuries from the funds of the museum and private collections

Exhibition January 15 − February 28, 2021
Krasnodar Regional Art Museum named after F.A. Kovalenko holds an exhibition "German art of the XVI-XIX centuries from the funds of the museum and private collections".

Visitors will see works from the funds of the museum and private collections, the earliest of which belong to the 16th century and were made by Albrecht Dürer and his followers.

The painting presented at the exhibition reveals for us the path that the national German school has traveled in its formation. These are portraits, and sentimental genre scenes, in some cases referring to the history of Germany or mythology, and landscapes that convey a religious and mystical attitude to nature. A separate hall of the exposition is occupied by graphic works. Here both drawings and various types of printed graphics have found their place - woodcut, incisor engraving, etching, lithography. It is noteworthy that the main types of printed graphics originated in Germany.

The exposition includes unique books from the Rare Editions Fund of the Museum's Scientific Library. Including a luxurious edition of the tragedy of the poet and thinker Johann Wolfgang Goethe "Faust" translated by Afanasy Fet, published in 1899 by the printing house of the famous Russian bibliophile Adolf Fedorovich Marx. A significant part of the German collection of the museum are products of the best German manufactories engaged in the production of porcelain. The collection is quite diverse both in purpose and in belonging to the famous porcelain industries in Germany: the Berlin Royal Manufactory, the Meissen Factory from Saxony, the factories of Bavaria and Thuringia. The exposition is supplemented with weapons of Western European masters of the 16th-19th centuries from the private collection of Sergei Papiashvili.

Based on site materials Krasnodar Art Museum named after F.A. Kovalenko.