Maria Nikitina. Plastic

Exhibition December 23, 2020 − March 28, 2021
Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art holds exhibition "Plastic" by Maria Nikitina, which transfers canonized pictorial images into the world of disposable things.

The main concepts of the unusual exposition are a plastic bag, a cotton swab, a disposable cup as the protagonists of photographic portraits; connection of the momentary and senseless with the heights of the human spirit; reflections on ecology - urban and visual.

The works of Maria Nikitina are prompting reflections on how eternal images of art can turn into the trash of mass culture. Why is the image of a man screaming on a bridge used again and again in advertising when discounts are mentioned? Why are serious and deep works endlessly replicated on postcards, magnets, posters? In the author's photographs, aggressive plastic threatens not only the ecology of cities, but also the visual ecology. Maria connects what is happening here and now, garbage and meaningless with the heights of the human spirit - with dramatic, sometimes even tragically elevated images.

Based on the official website Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art.