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The gallant age of Enlightenment

Exhibition 16 − November 29, 2017
The project "the Gallant age of Enlightenment" is a series of pseudo-ironic paintings, portraits of landscapes, the authorship of Alexander Roitburd, which depicts the philosophers and historical figures, from Descartes to Schopenhauer.

Alexander Roitburd goes ahead through the temporal and stylistic constraints of the era and to meet with prominent thinkers and figures of the XVII – XVII centuries. The artist creates, at first glance, the new hooligan fiction, nonsense, stupidity, brought to the extreme point of absurdity. The viewer offers idyllic landscapes, filled with lots of animals and plants, where in the shade of large spreading trees there are philosophers in strange costumes. This love cross-dressing is characteristic of the gallant century. Roitburd, like the playwright's comic Opera, dresses in the clothes of philosophers, aristocrats, musicians or ancient heroes. Diderot, who is usually depicted in a robe and cap, appears in a doublet and ruff, and on the Pan instead of the traditional black Zupan blue with gold garters knickers.

If gallant century man lived and played in life, in continuous celebration and "eternal youth", then what do the philosophers in the paintings Roitburd?