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Ivan Darrant. Barrier. The draw

Exhibition November 23, 2020 − April 25, 2021
National Gallery of Victoria invites you to visit the exhibition Ivan Darrant. Barrier. Draw ".

The exposition introduces the work of a unique Australian artist, nicknamed "the difficult child of art."

Darrant's career spans nearly five decades. During this time, he has done a wonderful job. His latest paintings have been dubbed "supraphotolism" - a term coined to describe a style of work that goes beyond "superrealism" or the exact imitation of photorealism in photography. The exhibition includes early paintings by the artist, sculptures from the 1980s and a series of paintings from the 2000s. Described as the terrible child of Australian art, Ivan Darrant (born 1947) is a leading exponent of photorealist painting, as well as a sculptor, director, performance art and writer. Durrant first gained public prominence in 1975 when he laid the carcass of a "Beverly cow" on an NGV yard with the intent to shock those who might be horrified by the death of the animal, but were also happy to eat a steak for dinner.

Based on site materials National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.