Open hidden.

Exhibition February 16 − March 12, 2021
From February 16 to March 02, 2021, the Eurasia Gallery of Contemporary Art will host a personal exhibition of the Moscow artist Anastasia BriArt "The Open Hidden". The project speaks of honesty with oneself and will present more than 20 canvases, as well as sculptures and art objects made by the author at different times.

The idea of the exhibition is dedicated to the true desires of people, which we are often afraid to admit to ourselves or to a partner. What do we really like? Where do the boundaries of what is permitted end? And can you share your fantasies with a loved one? We desire one thing, and often do something completely different, finding an excuse for ourselves and our actions.
“Sex is one of the brightest and main aspects of our life, it is through it that I show the depth and scale of our true desires, which must be realized, otherwise we will not be happy,” Anastasia says about her project.
Anastasia BriArt, a member of the Eurasian Union of Artists, is included in the top 100 of the most promising and significant young authors in Russia according to POPUP MUSEUM.
The artist graduated from the Moscow Academy of Natalia Nesterova with a degree in environmental design in 2010. After graduation, she devoted several years to interior design. At the same time, she improved her artistic skills. She studied at the workshops of Moscow painters.
The works of Anastasia BriArt have art therapeutic potential. Bright paintings are saturated with a variety of colors and pronounced texture. Many people call her a mystical artist.
Anastasia BriArt takes an active part in exhibition Russian and international projects, including: ART RUSSIA - an international fair of contemporary art (Gostiny Dvor), New Reality (POPUP Museum), Art Napoli (Complesso Monumentale di San Severo al Pendino ), "Dzen Art" (Central Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists), "Healthy Image" - season 3 of the Russian Art Park project (ARTPLAY) and others.

The vernissage of the exhibition will be held on February 16 at 19:00 in the Eurasia gallery at the address: Moscow, Andropova Ave., 17, building 1
Phone: +79250223302