Gold and magic

Exhibition February 6 − November 29, 2021
Arken Museum of Contemporary Art presents an exciting exhibition "Gold and Magic".

For the first time in the halls of the museum, gold treasures from the National Museum of Denmark enter into dialogue with the work of some of the greatest contemporary artists. The ever-changing Golden Horns meet the Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads of Ai Weiwei (2010), and the Subodha Gupta 1kg War (2007) is juxtaposed with King Christian V's impressive gold medal in honor of the Battle of Kyog Bagta. The exhibition presents works by Chris Burden, Eva Steen Christensen, Zhang Ding, Mercedes Lara, Subodh Gupta, Grayson Perry, Bill Viola, Ai Weiwei and many others.

Gold has fascinated humanity since ancient times. We express ourselves through gold and how we use metal. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey through millennia to explore the power and magic hidden in the brilliant and precious material. In art, the fascination with gold is as old as art itself, and is shared by artists in time and space.

Based on site materials Arken Museum of Contemporary Art.