Vadim Voinov. Bridge over the Styx

Exhibition January 13 − September 5, 2021
Museum of Nonconformist Art presents an exhibition of Vadim Voinov "Bridge over the Styx".

In the exposition, viewers will see the works of Vadim Serafimovich Voinov, made in the style of functional collage.

Functional collage is a genre invented by the author himself. A distinctive feature of a functional collage is that the meaning of a work is made up of the interaction ("dialogue") of meanings and applications ("functions") of objects that are used in the collage. Forms, volumes, combinations of textures and colors, which are primary in traditional collage, are of secondary importance for the “warrior genre”.

A functional collage differs from an ordinary collage in that it consists not so much of the appearance as of the purpose of objects. The meaning of each work can be understood by understanding what objects and in what combination are used there. In general, the gallery's exposition metaphorically tells the modern history of Russia.

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