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Vanguard detachment. 100 years of the avant-garde

Exhibition February 26 − May 21, 2021
An exhibition is being held in the Marble Hall of the Samara Art Museum “Vanguard detachment. 100 years of the avant-garde ".

The exposition presents 55 works from the collection of the Samara Regional Art Museum, as well as exhibits from the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery.

The Leading Detachment exhibition is a joint research of the staff of the Samara Regional Art Museum of the Tretyakov Gallery branch in Samara, dedicated to the origins of the new artistic language that came to the city after the October Revolution. The aim of the project is to acquaint the viewer with the activities and works of outstanding Russian artists who developed a visual language for the new world, as it was seen in the 1920s, and also to show the collection of the Russian avant-garde in the form in which it was collected in Samara from 1919 to 1929 ... The avant-garde, as a synonym for experiment in art, is the main resource for the exhibition curators, allowing them to comprehend the heritage of the past, understand the present and outline the prospects for the future.

Based on the official website Samara Regional Art Museum.

Galleries at the exhibition