Clarice Beckett: Present

Exhibition February 27 − May 16, 2021
National Gallery of Australia hosts an exhibition Clarice Beckett: Present.

Visitors will see 130 paintings organized with a time shift and forming the chronology of one day. The exhibition takes the viewer on a magical sensual journey from the first breath of sunrise to the silence of sunset and, finally, return to the enveloping fog of the onset of darkness.

During the 1920s and 1930s, Clarice Beckett indulged in the sensory impressions of her everyday world with such intensity that the power of her painted observations created a whole new visual language. The extreme "economy" of her painting captivated the Australian public and at the same time singled out the artist as working at the forefront of international modernism. Highlights drawn from national public and private collections include the artist's famous ethereal depictions with recognizable motifs such as solitary figures, waves, trams and cars.

Based on site materials National Gallery of Australia.