Feeling invisible. Step into the "Worship" of Gossart

Exhibition December 19, 2020 − June 13, 2021
London National Gallery presents an exhibition “Feeling invisible. Step into the "Worship" of Gossart ".

The exhibition will allow visitors to take their first step into the world of intricate detail, technical skill and the rich meaning of Jan Gossaert's painting in a new gallery, where they will be surrounded by the sights and sounds of his 500-year-old masterpiece.

In Adoration of Kings, Gossart compressed time and space into a richly detailed imaginary setting, in which some elements of this familiar Christian scene are immediately apparent and others are hidden for viewers to discover: the weaving of fabric, Gossart's fingerprint in the green glaze he dabbed with hand, thistle and dead nettles, hairs growing from a wart on a cheek, a tiny pearl, a hidden angel ...

With audio, high-resolution digital imagery, and gesture-based interactions, you'll embark on your own personal journey to discover not only the visual richness of the painting, but why it tells more than a Christmas story. This is an opportunity not only to stand in front of the picture, but also to immerse yourself in its world and the world of the artist who created it.

Based on site materials National Gallery, London.