Dogs in culture. History and mythology

Exhibition February 20 − October 31, 2021
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford Presents Exhibition “Dogs in culture. History and mythology ".

The exhibition features ceramics that combine elements of a new modern design with ancient decorative and manufacturing techniques recreated from classical Greece. Exhibition "Dogs in Culture" - a joint project of artist Allison Ksyazkevich and Attic Black | Thetis Authentics, exploring the history and mythology of various dog breeds.

Each exhibit, each vase, created on the basis of the artist's keen interest in natural cultures and the special role that dogs play in our lives, is dedicated to the unique stories of a particular breed. To prepare the drawings and the concept of the vase, Ellison spent several weeks at the Ashmolean Museum studying the design and shape of the various vases in the collection, and worked with Dr. Marianne Bergeron, who consulted on the design. While research and preparatory work is carried out in the UK, the vases are made in the Thetis Authentic workshop in Athens. Under the direction of Dr. Eleni Aloupi, the shape of the vase is being finalized and made. Allison then traveled to Athens to paint the vases, working closely with Dr. Alopey and her team to create an object that reflects the visual conventions of classical ceramics.

Prepared based on museum materials Ashmole, Oxford.