Mickey knows where to find you

Exhibition 13 − April 20, 2021
The main plot takes the viewer into an alternative universe, described by the artist herself as "The Mouse Ghetto". This is a world of fighting without rules, and a mouse crack is sold between blocks. A world where the eternal confrontation between good and evil was transformed into a ring, where everything that is most unusual, sharp and dangerous, but at the same time familiar to every adept in this dimension, is realized.

Certain symbols and images are persistently repeated in Vangranda's works: McDonalds, Pepsi, a sacred cow and other animals, cartoon characters, traffic cones and a toxic sign. The digital space is expressed in the form of a smiley that wanders from work to work, zoomorphic characters suffer from an overdose of information, but are displayed with the awakened seventh chakra. Duck syrup serves as a euphemism for potent drugs, and the ace is a symbol of the apogee of reality, the lockdown, in which each of us falls, reflects the conclusion in somewhere deeper than just our personal home space. The viewer, together with the author, turns out to be perpendicular to reality, as if falling out of it. Vangranda shows the disintegration of the familiar world, in which, according to her, lies the truth.
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