Exhibition April 17, 2021
"Date 5" was arranged in the fall of 2020, after that we all managed to survive the period of quarantine in museums and finally, after a long break, "Date" returns!
On Saturday, April 17, the sixth exhibition of the curator Ekaterina Zhingel will be held. This time the exhibition will be held under the title "Definition" and it will gather works through which artists define themselves, their environment, the environment and, of course, art.
If you did not visit the first five "Dates", then we will tell you about the format of the event. Originally, "Dates" were conceived as art parties where you can show/view previously never exhibited works of modern art. Each exhibition is held for one day and is dedicated to a single topic. At the same time, "Date" is not just a new  and easy format of an art event – it is also an occasion to discuss works between artists, viewers and curators. A nice bonus of the event is the free entrance.
Today it is obvious that lockdown and forced artistic austerity affected not only the audience, but also the artists themselves. Perhaps that is why the number of applications for "Date 6" was enormous. Nevertheless, the list of the participants of the "Date" was finally formed and the exhibition is already preparing for the opening.
We invite everyone interested and involved on April 17 to the Zverev Center for Contemporary Art (Moscow, 29 Novoryazanskaya Street, building 4) from 18 to 22 to see the works of the participants, get acquainted and communicate, but most importantly-to celebrate the return of the "Date"!

List of exhibitors:
Anastasia Litvinova
Valeria Salnikova
Vasily Chistyukhin
Galina Kolbasova
Pomidor Group
Daria Goncharova
Diana Galimzyanova, leto letova
Dmitry Pechurin
Yevgenia Melnikova
Evgenia Platonova
Ekaterina Serikova
Elena Naushirvanova
Zhenya Sharvina
Ira Branagh
Claudia Cain
Maria Dunaeva
Natalie Petrova
Olga Aksenova
Regina Shestaeva
Timofey Maksimov
Yulia Baranyuk
Ksenia Nam, Maria Kortiashvili
Galleries at the exhibition