Anniversary special project

Exhibition April 21 − August 29, 2021
Museum of Russian Impressionism presents Jubilee special project dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the museum.

The exposition, located on the third floor of the building, consisted of paintings from the museum's collection that were shown at exhibitions of past years. Among the artists represented are Nikolai Feshin, Pavel Benkov, Nikolai Meshcherin, Arnold Lakhovsky, Mikhail Shemyakin, David Burliuk, Yuri Annenkov and other Russian artists.

Against the background of the centuries-old history of the exhibits, the five years of the museum's work seem to be not a very significant period, but for the team developing a private museum in Russia from scratch, every birthday, and especially the first round date, is a reason for a real holiday. During this time, 14 exhibitions took place, most of which were included in the ratings of the most visited art events in Moscow. In honor of the anniversary, the museum invites viewers to remember these projects.

Based on site materials The Museum of Russian Impressionism.