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Joseph Beuys. To the 100th anniversary of the birth

Exhibition March 26 − July 18, 2021
Stuttgart State Gallery holds an exhibition Joseph Beuysdedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the artist who had a significant impact on world contemporary art.

The starting point of the exhibition was the Boyes room, which the artist thought out and furnished in 1984, which remains unchanged to this day. The exhibition traces Beuys' emotional, conceptual, and aesthetic connection to his work, viewer, and museum space through photographs, videos, objects, artifacts, and other exhibits. The room is an important testament to modernity when it comes to Joseph Beuys' understanding of the museum as an institution and his great self-image as the custodian of his work.

Also included is an extensive collection of photographs of Lothar Wollech, who accompanied Beuys for many years. The relationship between Beuys and other artists is also central to the exhibition. Boyce and Schlemmer, Boyce and Warhol, Boyce and Nam June Pike. Dialogues between artists that are of great importance to Beuys' spiritual work as a curator and are featured in an exhibition of his own collection.

Joseph Beuys was an amazingly charismatic artist with a creative drive that did not confine himself to the boundaries of institutions and museums. Therefore, his actions often took place outside the museum, because in the end he wanted to shape society through art. If Boyce worked in museum rooms, he "appropriated" rooms in a way that radically violated the conventions of the institution.

Based on site materials State Gallery of Stuttgart.