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Antiheroes. Jesters in art

Exhibition May 30, 2021 − April 24, 2022
The State Art Collections of Dresden presents an exhibition within the framework of the annual thematic exposition "Loneliness and Empathy" “Antiheroes. Jesters in art ".

The exhibition begins with Hegenbart's illustrations for Till Ulenspiegel and Don Quixote. They are compared with images of fools from the 16th century from the funds of the Kupferstich-Kabinett, donated to the Hoffmann collection and the Avant-garde Archive. The works of Francisco de Goya, Joseph Beuys, Charlie Chaplin, Pablo Picasso and two graduates of the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Alexander Endrullat and Diana Ludzai, still illustrate the charm, abundance and relevance of the "fool" theme.

The jester, or fool, makes us laugh not only at the jokes he offers for entertainment, but also because he reflects our own shortcomings. The Fool personifies freedom and imperfection, as well as disobedience and awakens in us the desire for an uncorrected view of the world. In this respect, he is closely connected with his viewer, helps to overcome loneliness, encourages reflection, allows you to sympathize and understand your neighbor.

Based on site materials Dresden State Art Collections.