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Exhibition April 9 − June 13

Light of the Star and the Labyrinth of the Minotaur

Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) and Triumph Gallery present an exhibition Alexey Dubinsky "Light of the Star and the Labyrinth of the Minotaur" dedicated to the inner life of a person, his memory and self-identification.

The central component of the exposition is fourteen paintings depicting a room. In this case, the room is both a specific place where various situations with characters take place, and a kind of metaphorical space of the artist's consciousness, in which images are synthesized based on experiences and situations encountered on the path of people. Here, facts are intertwined with fantasy, because memory is fickle and selective.

Alexey Dubinsky, artist: “These works are about a family, about a forced endless journey, about the loss of close relationships, about how fleeting moments, nostalgia, memories and the reality of events that happen to us can be. The story is based on certain reference points, events that influenced the formation of the personality, the perception of the world and the attitude towards it, its laws, its inhabitants. It is often difficult to determine in memory what was real in your life, and what is a figment of the imagination, surreal hallucinations that somehow affect yours today. "

Based on the official website Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

Galleries at the exhibition