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Deep roots. Trees in Dutch painting

Exhibition November 19, 2020 − August 15, 2021
Dordrecht Museum has resumed a large-scale exhibition “Deep roots. Trees in Dutch painting ".

The exhibition demonstrates all types, genres and styles of depicting trees in the paintings of Dutch artists over the past four centuries: from masterpieces of the Golden Age masters to modern works of abstract art. The audience got the opportunity to observe the "creative dialogue" of old and new masters who created an "ode to wood". All works are provided by the largest museums in the Netherlands.

Trees not only provide clean air, shelter and coolness, but also provide peace and space for reflection. They have captured the imagination of artists for centuries, feature in old stories and are filled with symbolism. Trees defy seasons and years. These are light lands, deeply rooted in the earth and aspiring to heaven.

Based on site materials Dordrecht Museum.