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"8th Wonder of the World" - microminiature by Vladimir Kazaryan

Exhibition June 15 − July 15, 2021
At the exhibition, there will be presented the best in the light of masterpieces of micro-miniature art, which will be admired by the unverified works of human hands!
Introduce the filigree microscopic pieces: a caravan of camels at the head of a golka, a flea fed on a hairline, a zoo near a hairline, a sculpture by Merylin Monroe, placed at the end of a hairline; the micro-chamber "The Face of the Jesus Christ" in a grain of rice; elephants-ekvilibristi, balancing on human hair, inserted at the head of the sewing head; hostile to its vitality, it is alive with 1/100 of human hair, that rich and sophisticated miracles!
Displaying microminiatures in front of the gazes of living and drowning, as well as allowing you to be amazed at the speeches of the new kutom zoru.
Vistavka pratsyuvatime from 9.00 to 17.30
Price of tickets: for growing up - 40 UAH, for children - 20 UAH.
Tel. museum for dovids: (0512) 372-353
Galleries at the exhibition