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Nero. The man behind the myth

Exhibition May 27 − October 24, 2021
British Museum presents an exhibition "Nero. The man behind the myth ".

Building on the latest research, the massive exhibit challenges the traditional narrative of a ruthless tyrant and eccentric performer, revealing another Nero - a populist leader during a time of great change in Roman society. At the exhibition, you can see more than 200 impressive exhibits, from the Imperial Palace in Rome to the streets of Pompeii, follow the rise and fall of the emperor, and form your own opinion about such a famous person.

Nero is one of the most notorious "glorified" rulers of Rome, known for his cruelty, depravity and insanity. The last male descendant of Emperor Augustus, Nero ascended the throne in 54 AD at the age of just 16 and died a violent death at 30. His tumultuous reign led to important events, including the Great Fire of Rome, the Boudicca Revolt in Britain, the execution of his own mother and first wife, grandiose projects and extravagant excesses.

Based on site materials British Museum, London.