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Heinrich Semiradsky and the colony of Russian artists in Rome

Exhibition December 20, 2017 − April 2, 2018
In the Benois Wing of the State Russian Museum, an exhibition "Henry of Semiradsky and the colony of Russian artists in Rome".
The next year marks 175 years since the birth of Henry Ippolitovich Semiradsky (1843-1902), one of the most outstanding representatives of late European academicism. Creativity of the painter was closely connected with the "eternal city", whose history and unique atmosphere invariably attracted masters from different countries.

The first viewer will see in one exposition about 125 works by Semiradsky and his contemporaries - Russian painters and sculptors of academic direction who lived and worked in Rome in the second half of the XIX - beginning of the XX centuries: Mark Antokolsky, Stepan Bakalovich, Vladimir Beklemishev, Mikhail Botkin, Fedor Bronnikov, Nikolay Laveretsky, Alexander Rizzoni, Alexander and Pavel Svedomsky, Vasily Smirnov, Pavel Chistyakov and others.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see vivid examples of landscape, everyday, portrait and historical genres of painting that have become classics of Russian art.
The most large-scale and key section of the exhibition, dedicated to the works of Henryk Semiradsky, includes the famous canvases of the artist from the collections of the Russian Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery, as well as lesser known works from provincial and private collections.

For the first time in almost 90 years, viewers will see the work of Wilhelm Kotarbinsky "Orgy", which all this time lay in the storerooms of the Russian Museum, pasted with coarse wrapping paper and rolled on the shaft. Thanks to unique restoration works, this magnificent painting was saved (more details about this work and its restoration can be found on our website).

Based on the materials of the official site The State Russian Museum.