Parisians. Masterpieces of world painting

Exhibition May 26 − August 1, 2021
Yaroslavl Art Museum holds an exhibition "Parisians. Masterpieces of World Painting".

The exhibition includes works by 12 artists united by the time and place special for the history of art - the city in which they lived and worked. Visitors will see paintings from the collection of Inna Bazhenova, a Moscow collector, entrepreneur, and founder of the In artibus Cultural Foundation.

Today the works of the "Parisians" are classics of world painting. Changing over time, developing the achievements of the early century, the work of each of them represents one of the most important principles of the new era, succinctly formulated by Max Jacob: "The value of a work of art is in itself, not in its supposed comparisons with reality. The exhibition provides a rare opportunity for Yaroslavl to get acquainted with the masterpieces of world painting, see the works of favorite artists and enjoy the charm of French art.

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