The Bright Way

Exhibition May 25 − August 22, 2021
The Museum and Exhibition Complex in Ivanovo hosts an exhibition "The Shining Path.".

The peculiarity of the works, selected for the exhibition, is that they are somehow associated with the main craft of Ivanovo - with fabrics and other fabrics, improving our everyday life. However, the domestic and applied aspect is relegated to the background here. Each of the works breaks out of the boundaries intended for decorative fabrics and actively transforms the environment and with it the viewer.

As the works were assembled and each entered into a dialogue with the others, another angle of the exhibition emerged: a philosophical, metaphysical one. As we know, cloth accompanies us throughout our lives, from birth to burial. It serves not only as a "second skin" of a man, but also appears to be a carrier of the most sacred signs and symbols of civilization. Cloth is a sacred material and everything associated with it acquires the character of sacred action.

Prepared according to the materials of the portal "Art News." and website "Culture of the Russian Federation".