School of Art Engineers. Away from the equilibrium

Exhibition September 17 − November 20, 2021
GUM-Red-Line Gallery holds an exhibition "School of Art Engineers. Away from Balance.".

The exhibition presents a thirty year cross-section of the work of the Art Engineers Art Association - one of the brightest phenomena of the St Petersburg underground, practically unknown to the public in Moscow.

Founded in 1989, the School of Art Engineers unites Inal Savchenkov, Franz Rodwalt, Sergei Enkov, Grigory Strelnikov, and Vladislav Balakleisky. "Art Engineers" are closely woven into the history of the St. Petersburg underground: they exhibited in the collective projects of "New Artists", participated in the design of Russia's first techno raves, were part of the performances of Sergey Kuryokhin's "Pop Mechanics". Today, the members of the association work together and invite new members - both artists and representatives of other projects - to participate in exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

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