André Kertész. Postcards from Paris

Exhibition October 2, 2021 − January 17, 2022

Art Institute of Chicago hosts first exhibition by avant-garde artist, photographer and journalist André Kertész (1894-1985) Postcards from Paris.

André Kertész (Hungarian-born American, 1894-1985) arrived in Paris in the autumn of 1925 with a camera and tiny savings. By the end of 1928, he was writing regularly for leading magazines and exhibiting his work internationally alongside such famous artists as Man Ray and Berenice Abbott.

"Postcards from Paris," the first exhibition to collect rare postal engravings (works on letterpress paper) by Kertész, will provide a fresh look at the artist's early, experimental years, during which he produced some of his most iconic photographic paintings. The works work both as images and as objects, made evident by the interplay between close observation, "intimate" scale and boldly cropped formats. Kertész's early work in Paris also speaks to the French capital as a meeting place for artists from around the world - a city where lessons from avant-garde artists, sculptors and poets can resonate with the photographer and the author searching for his path.

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