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Pop art: the new jargon

Exhibition October 4, 2021 − February 1, 2022
The Philadelphia Museum of Art is holding an exhibition "Pop Art: The New Jargon.".

The exhibition will explore how works by artists such as Rosalyn Drexler, Andy Warhol and Billy Apple turned images of celebrity, kitsch and advertising into powerful statements.

Popular around the world in the late 1950s and early 1960s, pop art drew recognizable images, influences, and information from television screens and the pages of print. Fueled by post-war politics and growing consumerism, artists associated with pop music often used and reinvented motifs of everyday life as curvy, witty and poignant works of art. Pop art created a new visual language that challenged the boundaries that put painting and sculpture above everyday life.Prepared by of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.