There's nothing like the real thing. Vincent van Gogh in Cleveland

Exhibition September 17 − December 5, 2021
The Cleveland Museum of Fine Arts is holding an exhibition "There's nothing like the real thing. Vincent van Gogh in Cleveland.".

Thanks to a special installation of Van Gogh's works, visitors will be able to experience these canvases and drawings of the artist at first hand, and video and sound projections will help to deepen the immersion.

Although largely unrecognized and commercially unsuccessful during his lifetime, Van Gogh gained critical acclaim after his death and became one of the most influential artists in art history. The museum holds two masterpieces painted in the south of France and an engraving of Van Gogh depicting Dr. Gachet, the doctor who cared for the artist during the last months of his life.

Prepared according to the materials of the website Museum of Fine Arts, Cleveland.