Boychuks. The project of the "Grand style"

Exhibition December 7, 2017 − January 28, 2018
This project is about the dreamers who wanted to change the world. On the reformers of art that has abandoned the traditional format. About the creators of utopia, which themselves become its victims.

Michael Boychuk – man from Ternopil, who in 1910 was surprised by the demanding Paris to put their works in the Salon of independents. Tempera instead of oil, the collective work instead of individual, returning to historical heritage instead of its denial. These innovations now known as the school of Ukrainian monumental or boychuks. Rebellious by nature, Michael Boychuk saw before him a clear goal – the reform of the Ukrainian art. New Ukrainian style had become truly national and deeply into everyday human life.

At the Kiev art Institute in the 1920-ies the followers Boychuk ambitious call themselves "architects of the Universe." They sincerely believed that their art serves the development of an ideal society. Monumental works of baitugelov destroyed after their authors. So far from the heritage of their "great style" have survived only a draft or a separate chamber.

The exhibition"Boychuks. The project of the "Grand style"" there are more than 300 paintings, drawings, mosaic works of Michael and Timothy Bichukov, Vasyl Sedliar, Ivan Padalka, Sofia Nalipinski, Oksana Pavlenko, Antonina Ivanova, Nikolay Rokický, Sergey Kolos, Okhrim Kravchenko. Among them – a unique early iconography Boychuk during his study at the Krakow Academy of fine arts, and his masterpiece, the so – called secular icon of "Two under the tree."